Why you need an air curtain ?

For the entrances of a business and buildings, it is ideal to install air curtains to avoid temperature losses through the opening without obstructing the passage of vehicles or people.

The investment in an air curtain is amortized quickly since they avoid wasting energy.

When the air curtains are running, they reduce the air stream is reduced by preventing the hot air from entering in summer, or the hot air (from the heating) escaping to the outside in winter.

This provides comfort inside the premises, whose occupants can be workers or people who come to visit.   

Another possible practical use is to avoid the entry of flies or other flying insects into the building, as well as small rodents, by supplying a high velocity airflow through the curtain. Although this application is strange, the sensation produced by the jet of air on the skin of the rodents is unpleasant and they avoid it. COURSALIS E si COURSALIS, cu sau fara baterie electrica de incalzire in functie de nevoile fiecarei aplicatii.




Exclusive arch design, light and superfine
High performance and low sound level
Metallic housing with metallic paint finish in grey colour
380V 50Hz motor
Equipped with electrical coil

Metallic impeller
Includes external control by remote control
Designed for horizontal mural installation
With operating indicator LED (ambient or heating, air velocity and stop motion)
Mounting brackets on wall
Reach up to 3m.

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