REINTAIR air purifiers

Plug & play purifiers to turn any indoor space into a virus-free environment

REINTAIR by Casals air purifiers are plug & play sets (no installation required) to convert any interior space into an environment free of contaminating particles and thus leave a much healthier air. It is designed to reduce the viral load of the rooms given the constant air renewals that it carries out.

Double filtration stage with two ABSOLUTE HEPA H14 filter packages and a Molecular filter that in a matter of hours will reduce a large number of particles in the air such as microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, molecules, etc. Equipped with high efficiency and silent fans to guarantee low energy consumption.


The REINTAIR® have been tested and a given room where our purifier is used reaches an ISO 8 classification. This is the minimum necessary classification for a clean room or outpatient operating room.

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REINTAIR® WARRIOR version has the Photocatalysis-UVC Tower installed, which sterilizes the system of virus and bacteria thanks to the combination of photocatalytic oxidation and ultraviolet light.

So viruses like COVID-19 will not be a problem for your business premises, office, room, waiting room, etc.*


REINTAIR® is responsible for recirculating indoor air and reducing the viral load in the room, catching particles, including viruses, in HEPA H14 and G4 filters. Suitable even for any room with viral load, even ICUs..

The REINTAIR® WARRIOR version has the Photocatalysis-UVC Tower installed inside, a system that combines the photocatalytic oxidation technique with short-wave ultraviolet light to sterilize the viruses and bacteria previously captured by the filters.

REINTAIR® is protected against corrosion to avoid deterioration with cleaning tasks.

This Casals purifier has a double panel insulated with 25mm thick rock wool, which makes it completely silent so as not to disturb you during sleep or for customers visiting your premises. REINTAIR® is available in two sizes: 67cm tall for the REINTAIR® S size and 97cm for the REINTAIR® L size. Respectively they offer a rated flow rate of 300m3/h and 600 m3/h. Both are equipped with electronic EC motor.

REINTAIR®S is ideal for spaces up to 45m2 in area.
REINTAIR®L is the most ideal option for spaces of up to 90m2 of surface. With a self-cleaning impeller and easy access to the filters for its replacement make it a very easy maintenance product. The wheels allow you to move it comfortably where you need it.The integrated control will make its use and programming much more comfortable to optimize the operation of REINTAIR® and save energy with its working modes for when the rooms are empty or when it is at night, in addition to the possibility of programming time zones.

Download the technical documentation...